Traditional Billing bought right up to date

Easy to produce multiple views: SMM, Elements, Trade packages from one single source

Quick & easy to learn

Automatic perfect presentation

Traditional Coded & NUDGAL™ Sort Bills

Conventional Measure

Choose a way of working that YOU feel comfortable with and delivers YOUR client's requirements

NUDGAL™ items have been dragged to the desired location and marked with icons

Coded items sort automatically into place

Output to Screen, Paper, Excel, CITE

Coded Bills

Coded bills production is uncomplicated. You can always see what is going on.

  • Items automatically sorted in to order, SMM7, Element, Trade, Phase...
  • Vector performs continuous 'live' checks on data entry immediately highlighting items with coding errors. Correction is easy while the topic is fresh in the surveyor's mind.
  • Unlimited multi step Undo & Redo.
  • Flip instantly between draft and presentation view.
  • Bill numbering. Carry forward heads, Collections and Summary are instantly & automatically maintained.

Nudgal™ Sort Bills

NUDGAL™Sort enables you to combine the most convenient features of conventional coded bills with the ease and convenience of the Codeless bill.

  • It allows Surveyors to use codes for most of the sorting, but if you want to override the automatic sort for some item(s) you can do so. You simply ‘nudge’ the item(s) into place using drag-and-drop or copy and paste.
  • This is all achieved by internal magic without you or the program modifying the codes.

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