Very wide range of methods supported

Very easy to use


Libraries to suit every method and work style

Library Standard

Standard Libraries

The Standard Library Manager is easy to use and supports most common library structures used today including level heading libraries, traditional phraseology, and libraries that are defined by variables. The Detailed Cost Library Manager enables you to control the most sophisticated detailed cost buildup, with both single and multi user options.

  • NRM 1 - Cost Planning Library is available now with full support for detail and summary reporting. It provides an excellent framework for surveyors wanting to use the new NRM method of measurement for cost planning purposes.
  • NRM 2 - Bill of Quantities for Work Procurement full Library with Preliminaries and Measured work sets the standard for current projects.
  • SMM7 Bill Production Library with 65,000 base items with an associated specification database containing many common items optimised for Bill production purposes. An unusually comprehensive Bill production library.
  • SMM7 (Imperial units) Library, an imperialised version of our SMM7 Library highly suited to quantity surveyors working in the Caribbean.
  • POMI (Principles of Management International) popular for construction work in many countries throughout the world.
  • SMM2 a comprehensive Trade Library similar to the British SMM6 method but updated to suit the modern world. Recommended for users in Malaysia and neighbouring Asian countries, plus many East African countries.
  • Snape Major Works Detailed Cost Library, comprehensive estimating library with full detailed labour, material, plant and subcontract resource detail.
  • Snape Minor Works and Alterations Repairs Library, comprehensive estimating library with full detailed labour, material, plant and subcontract resource detail.
  • Civils: Bill Production Library for Civil Engineering Works.
  • MMHW4: Bill production library for Highway Works.
  • Other Libraries are available for regional and overseas users.
Custom Libraries

Custom Libraries

Snape have assisted clients to import and develop specialist libraries for Airports, Highways, Retail Supermarkets, Pub & Hotel Projects, Insurance Assessment, Maintenance and MTC contracts, and Overseas Methods of Measurement.

Plug in Library Technology

Plug in Library Technology

On opening a library Vector dynamically loads the software that manages the library. This enables the library manager program to be changed as well as the library data. Snape have designed a number of custom library managers for clients that need special library requirements.

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