Quality of presentation that can't (economically) be matched by manual methods

Absolute match of paper documentation

Completely eliminates manual errors in formula, and rounding

Significant reduction in manhours


Export to Excel and C.I.T.E

Export to Excel

Update rates from priced spreadsheet

Description, Unit and Quantity can all be locked

Formulas update cost extension, collection and summary automatically

eTendering Capability


Provide YOUR clients with Bills in the form that is MOST convenient for their needs.

Vector's export to Excel is particularly capable. Vector produces a complete working bill of quantities in Microsoft Excel format that mirrors the printed bill in appearance and is complete with carried forward headings, formulas, lines, collections and summaries. Presentation is of the highest order, even the cell heights are subtly adjusted to give the best possible appearance. This capability is a huge time saver.

Bills and Estimates can be exported individually. Or Preambles, Preliminaries, and a number of Bills can be bound together on different worksheets within a single Excel workbook to create a complete tender document.

The Surveyor has fine control over Vector's automated bill locking so that the Contractor may price the Excel Bill but cannot tamper or modify the rest of the original content. The returned priced spreadsheet can be read back in for tender review

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