Automatic summaries

Cost Plans can be generated from a wide range of different sources

Automatic perfect presentation

Cost Plans and Approximate Estimates


Cost Plan

Approximate Estimate

Cost Plan Summary

A Cost Plan Summary can be produced from any source: Approximate Estimate, Costed Contract Bill of Quantities, Contract Final Account.

Vector has an exceptional record assisting surveyors with Cost Planning and Approximate Estimates.

Complete support for the NRM Cost Planning Method of Measurement in its 'pure' form on its own, and / or in conjunction with SMM7.

The popular BCIS Model, and specialist industry Models are fully supported.

The surveyor can produce his working 'scroll' at his own level of detail. This may be a careful detailed in-depth evaluation, or quite rough and ready for other purposes. The Cost Plan can then be printed out in detail. Even better the high-quality Cost Plan Summary gives the recipient a good overall picture of the project while hiding most of the detail.

The detailed estimate and summary values can be exported to Excel and used to 'drive' client's Excel cost models for cost planning and taxation purposes.


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