Visual and easy to use

Designed for the QS

Easy to learn

No external CAD software needed

Fully integrated with Conventional Measurement

Big time saver

Quality Detailed Cost Libraries that you can customise to suit your needs and locality.

  Library Structure  

Vector's detailed estimating is supplied with two very comprehensive Libraries: Major Works Library and a Minor Works - Alterations and Repairs Library. The Libraries have over 10,000 items that are fully resourced and priced.

The Library is designed for computer use with particular care to ensure you can amend and adjust the content to suit your local needs and requirements. It is unusually easy to move existing content within the Library enabling specialist contractors to expand the library to suit their specialist needs.


Vector has all the vital elements necessary to produce an accurate estimate swiftly such as:

Price Information - Vector contains all you need to estimate:

  • Labour hourly rates
  • Plant hire rates
  • Comprehensive selection of material prices
  • Price analysis of site mixed mortars and concretes
  • Subcontract Labour
  • Subcontract Purchase (complete item supply)

Time and Labour - Vector provides all the information that you need to determine the labour required in your estimate. This includes:

  • The category of labour required
  • The time required to carry out each operation
  • The total labour time included in your estimate

Materials Required - The costs for materials include, where appropriate, allowances for:

  • Package Supply Size
  • Discounts allowed
  • Normal waste in use
  • Side and end laps
  • Unloading on site and other material handling

Plant & Equipment - The prices for plant include, where appropriate, allowances for:

  • Hire charges
  • Hours of use per week
  • Operator Time
  • Fuel consumed

Subcontract Purchase (Complete Items) and Subcontract Labour (two separate categories) - The costs for services/items provided:

  • Package Supply Size
  • Units of Measure
  • Discounts allowed

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