Visual and easy to use

Designed for the QS

Easy to learn

No external CAD software needed

Fully integrated with Conventional Measurement

Big time saver

Price Bills of Quantities created by third parties

Import form Excel or C.I.T.E.

Pricing bills of quantities created by others is hugely simplified with Vector. You have total control of the level of detail you choose to price the imported bill. You can use simple straightforward rates, or allowances for Labour, Material, Plant and Subcontract, or you can cost the items with full detailed measured rates and composite items with full resource analysis. And mix-and-match to suit the project requirements. As a result you will have a very thorough understanding of what is in the project with enhanced accuracy of estimating. The quality of presentation of output is unmatched.

Import the Bill of Quantities

  1. Import Bill of Quantities from C.I.T.E, and Excel.
  2. If Bill file is not available create Bill file from paper document with third party scanner and OCR software and import the excel spreadsheet.

Price Bill of Quantities

  1. Simple items can be assigned Labour, Material, Plant, Subcontract or PC Sum allowances.
  2. Drag and drop items from Library. Vector will retain the original description and copy over the selected items Measured Rates, or Composite Item build-up. Make job specific amendments as required.
  3. Within the project define any job specific Measured Rates or Composite Items you require.
  4. Send out your Packages and Resource lists either as conventional printouts or as Excel spreadsheets to Subcontracts and Material suppliers to price. Update your estimate with quoted prices.
  5. Complete 'Hidden' worksheet for non visible preliminaries and overheads to be spread over the project.
  6. Adjust Labour, Material, Plant, Subcontract profit margins.
  7. Print out your estimate in the form of your choice, Bill of Quantities, Detailed Estimate, Summary ... with truly immaculate presentation.

Price Items by Drag and Drop from Library

Material List exported to Excel

Set Profit, and hidden Overhead and Preliminaries

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