Visual and easy to use

Designed for the QS

Easy to learn

No external CAD software needed

Fully integrated with Conventional Measurement

Big time saver

Detailed Estimates from Specifications and Drawings Made Easy

Detailed Estimate

Cost Reports

  1. Bill of Quantities (priced and unpriced)
  2. Detailed Estimate Cost Report
  3. Detailed Estimate Summary Cost Report
  4. Detailed Estimate Rate Report
  5. Detailed Estimate Job Cost Buildup Report

    All cost reports can be viewed in the order (or multiple orders) of your choice SMM7, Element,
     Trade or Package, Phase etc...

Resource Analysis Reports

  1. Resource Analysis Reports for
    • Labour Rates
    • Labour Gangs
    • Raw Materials
    • Composite Materials
    • Plant
    • Subcontract Labour
    • Subcontract Purchase (complete items)
  2. All Resource Analysis Reports are available at three levels of detail Summary, Detailed, Audit.
  3. Library and Project Resource tables can be printed out at any time.
  4. Project Resource Lists can be exported to Excel for enquiry purposes.

Summary Cost Report

Cost with buildup detail

Detailed Material List

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