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Comprehensive resource analysis

Report presentation to be proud of

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Supplied with quality detailed libraries

Detailed Builders Estimates from Specifications and Drawings Made Easy

Detailed Estimate

Now you can create Detailed Builders Estimates in any order and presentation (Builders Quants, SMM7, Element, Phase, Trade Package, Cook Your Own) you want with the same flexible tools that Vector has become renowned. Vector detailed building estimating can be used on its own or in conjunction with Vector PQS Bill Production and Cost Planning capability.

  1. Proforma complete projects as a starting point for similar new projects
  2. Copy items from Vector’s Detailed Cost Libraries using the quick and intuitive Windows Explorer style Library Navigator: Vector is supplied with quality Major Works and a Minor Works Alterations and Repairs Libraries with thousands of items which are fully resourced with full Labour, Material, Plant and Subcontract detail.
  3. Rapidly build your estimate by copying parts of previous estimates. Vector smart copy automatically copies selected items complete with the cost makeup calculations and resources to the new estimate. Items copied from other projects will be automatically updated and adjusted for any resource price changes that have been made in the destination project.
  4. Duplicate items into different elements using Copy and Paste where each copy points back to the same unique build-up, or if you want to add a number of similar but not identical items use Copy and Clone and then adjust the item separate build-ups to reflect job requirements.
  5. Measure quantities with Vector's extraordinarily efficient measuring system.
  6. View the full build-up of any item by clicking on the show detail button.
  7. Add or Modify items directly in the project, any item can be a Simple item, Measured Rate, or Composite Item. You can not only adjust the item's build-up but also change it's type from Measured Rate to a Composite Item, or from a Measured Rate to a Simple Item or any other changes you may require.
  8. Simple easy access to the project Labour, Material, Plant, Subcontract Labour, and Subcontract Purchase resources for review and adjustment.
  9. Export resources to Excel for plant, material and subcontract enquiries.
  10. Print out your estimate in the form of your choice: Bill of Quantities, Detailed Estimate, Summary or Cost Plan.

Copy items from detailed cost Library

Copy and Paste from previous estimate

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