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Do you want a Quick Play, a Full Detailed Review, or Personal Online Vector Demonstration?

Quick Play. Simply fill in the form at the bottom of this page and you will be automatically sent a download link for a trial version of Vector which has most of the key features of Vector, supplied with small samples Libraries (About 1/20 of commercial product). All reports can be produced and displayed on screen but not printed or exported. Trial can be use for 30 days after installation.

Full Detailed Review. Every day hundreds of Profession Surveyors use Vector for a substantial portion of their work, they literally earn their living with it. Prior to purchasing many of them will have taken some time to study the 6 part tutorial in some depth. Many will have created a couple of elements of a real job, and in some cases a completed project with Vector. This involves some hours, and in some cases some days of work and commitment. Normally the learning curve and productivity gain largely balance out, so the net evaluation time is very modest. Nearly all end up purchasing Vector.

If you would like full commercial copy of Vector for detailed review. Please send an email to with a short note telling us about your potential areas of interest. Please provide your full contact details, company, full post address, telephone and email. We will provide access to a full commercial copy for Vector. After installation you will need to obtain a free 30 day licence by email which has to be installed before Vector will operate. Licences are issued during normal UK office hours. You will be using the full Vector so any work completed can be continue to be used after purchase.

Personal Online Demo. We are very happy to provide you with personal online demo. We particularly recommend this option for the well-established local builders would wish to use Vector for Detailed Builders Estimating.

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