Quick and Accurate

Make measuring complex shapes easy

Calculates actual scale

Simplifies measurement

Fully integrated with Conventional Measurement

Highly visual

Digitiser Take-off Made Easy

Click with the measuring button on points 1,2,3 hold down and trace 3-4, then click close shape and measure area button. The area and perimeter are calculated.

Digitiser Takeoff

Using a Digitiser with Vector's Digimate software is one of those rare combinations that yields immediate results with so little to learn.

Digimate makes measuring those photocopied 'oddball' scale drawings easy in a way that manual methods just can't match. Simply click on the end points of a dimension and enter the length and the program will calculate the drawing scale.

Using the cross hairs on the puck 'site' you can accurately get right in to the intersection corners for precise and speedy measurement. Especially useful for the tiny A3 drawing that are becoming so common.

How many times have you divided a complex shape into rectangles and triangles to guestimate the area and perimeter or had to apply Simpson's Rules? Such hassle is reduced to a simple tracing exercise.

Digitiser Hardware

Work Stations

Full size digitiser board mounted on height and angle adjustment stand for maximum comfort. Supplied with 4 button puck. Sizes A0 and A1.

Portable Rollup

Light weight flexible digitiser supplied complete with storage / carry case and 4 button MaxVu puck. Sizes A1 and A2


Affordable compact digitiser with single USB data / power cable and cordless 4 button puck. Convenient for small CAD drawings and folded larger drawings. Size A3+

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