Visual and easy to use

Designed for the QS

Easy to learn

No external CAD software needed

Fully integrated with Conventional Measurement

Big time saver

CAD take-off that the ordinary QS can understand

Use magnifying cursor to see right into the corners

Vector gives you every thing you need to takeoff from CAD drawings including takeoff from DWG, DFX, DGN or PDF drawing files. No additional software is required.

Measurement is quick and easy with automatic calculation of lengths, areas and angles.

Complex areas can be measured very quickly and accurately. Area and perimeter of polyline shapes are instantly accessible. Complex areas can also be traced very quickly using either ‘snap to’, and the magnifying cursor which enables you to see right into the corners.

Multiple separate lengths or areas can be grouped for measurement purposes.

The take-off is documented in the bill take-off and on the drawing.

Complex drawings can be simplified using the layers controls to show / hide detail, additional measurement layers can
  be created to separate different parts of the takeoff.

Print the drawing marked up with your take-off detail direct to the printer, or export as a PDF to show others how you did your measure.

Because you are using a single integrated program for Measuring, Bill Production and Estimating the whole process is streamlined and simplyfied.

Measure with Entity Details, Quick Measure

Vector's measuring system default layout works efficientlyl on standard desktop and laptops computers, and even better is customisable enabling surveyors with large high-resolution screens, and twin screen systems optimise their layout for very efficient working.

The screenshot above shows Vector with the bill, measurements, current CAD measurement items properties, takeoff styles and drawing all displayed concurrently.

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