Much easier to measure than using spreadsheets

Easy to understand and audit

Automatic control of rounding

Measurement 'Guardian' reduces errors

Conventional Dim Printout

Fully integrated CAD Measure

Vector’s direct entry measurement system is extraordinarily easy to use



Direct Takeoff

Sidecast Measure


Simple measurement of the
external envelope of a house
using direct dimensions and
sidecasts for windows and


or if you prefer, the same
measurement using a
formula and sidecasts.

The direct entry measurement system is extraordinarily easy to use, it incorporates a smart sidecast capability. Direct measurement may incorporate an unlimited number of sidecast calculations.

Bill items can be linked directly to sidecasts. Sidecast calculations can recursively refer to other sidecast calculations.

When a number or formula is changed, all affected items are instantly and automatically adjusted. You can mix and match conventional dimensions and calculation by formula. Unlimited linkage of formula provides a rich foundation for quantity modelling.

An important feature of efficient measuring is the ability to measure key quantities once and then use them with adjustments and amendment over a number of different items.

Vector's sidecast dialog enables you to not only do this efficiently with conventional measurement but also acts as the marshalling and distribution centre for measurement from conventional and modern sources. You can mix and match at will.

Conventional Measure Item measured with conventional dimensions.
Formula Measure Item measured by formula and linked formulas.
CAD Measure Item CAD measured items.

Behind the scenes Vector's 'Measurement Guardian' ensures data integrity at all times. If a surveyor attempts to delete part of the measurement data that is used elsewhere Vector will not only stop him making the deletion but it will also show the full calculation path explaining why this item cannot be safely deleted.

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